6 tips to engage and influence with your speaking

How would it be if you had 6 additional tools to use in to your future talks?

Women On the Business Stage

“Not again!” I muttered under by breath – a panel of all male speakers at an event, with not a woman in sight!

How to Win Over a Negative Hostile Audience

So there I was in front of 12 burly, overall clad men, arms folded (them not me!) and this was the last place they wanted to be – anxious? you bet!

Not Just About Gender

Whether you are motivated by social justice or bottom line business results (or both) the facts are, that if you have a business where staff at all levels, ages, sexuality, race, abilities etc are able to be themselves, they feel valued, their contribution is recognised, feel safe to make mistakes and learn you are well on your way to blowing your competition out of the water!

The Business Case for Gender Balance (three main reasons for helping women to break the glass ceiling)

Hurrah! Evidence is growing that gender balance is good for business. Call me a cynic but I think we all know that most businesses (especially those with shareholders) are interested primarily in the bottom line i.e. £££’s – so until now there has been very little incentive to look at the gender balance of an organisation.Read →

Who is Your Ideal Client?

Meet my Ideal Client! Yes, that’s right it’s a fruit cake! You may be wondering what my clients and fruit cakes have in common. My clients are full of fabulous goodies and goodness – in other words they know loads about what they do, they are full of information and skills that can help and transform theRead →