Had a brilliant day today with Claire Godwin; learning to overcome my fear of public speaking. Claire is an absolute joy to work with and I have learnt so much in a relatively short space of time.

IG Business Owner, Hampshire

Solent Office Solutions

I felt really quite stressed out when I arrived (not about delivering presentations) but about work as a whole. But after working with you for the day I came out feeling more confident and believing in myself again.

IG Business Owner, Hampshire

In a fun and supportive environment Claire tackled what was at the bottom of holding me back from wanting to stand up in front of an audience.

CM Confidence Coach

Claire shared practical and achievable techniques for delivering a confident presentation and more than that she also helped with structuring the content in such a way that the audience want to hear what you have to say and are engaged from the minute you start to speak.

CM Confidence Coach

Cara Moore Coaching for Growth

My success today was down to you Claire. Thank you for your encouragement and practical strategies and tips for both the content and delivery of my presentation.

JW Business Owner, Hampshire

You need a magician to create magic!! Thanks for being a great magician! Thank you for mentoring us and bringing our group together.

HH Policy Manager

The most significant change since working with the Speak your voice programmes is the realisation that I can be me in my presentations, I don’t have to pretend to be someone I am not.

LC Housing Project Manager

Claire is wonderful, easy going but tough when she needs to be, honest, non-threatening, and great at building confidence, self-esteem and making you realise you can do it!

LC Housing Project Manager

The most significant change for me since working with the Speak your voice programme is more Confidence; it was great to get honest feedback – so important!

CB Catering Company

Frog Hollow Catering

I rushed home and redrafted it that very afternoon using Claire's wonderfully simple structure. I felt much happier with my talk and the feedback I've had so far has been really great. Claire shared some fantastic stuff which I know I'll be using again and again.

Carolyn Barber

Meet Relax Learn Create

What I learned was a simple, but powerful, 4-Step Process to help me engage with an audience - exactly what I needed! Even though I’m sure I will still be nervous, I now know I can prepare and deliver future talks in a professional way.

Louise Barnes-Johnson

Simply Business Coaching

If anyone reading this gets the opportunity of attending one of your future events, I highly recommend that they do. I'm sure that they will learn plenty and enjoy themselves at the same time!

Roland Hedges

Localizer Marketing Services

I discovered Claire Godwin at one of her presentation skills workshops and was immediately drawn to her warm friendly personality. She shared some brilliant ideas with us and I quickly became hooked!

Emma Paxton

Pinboard Meetimgs

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! WAS AN AWESOME DAY!! Really helped my "confidence level" to map out a talk i was so confused about. From the bottom of my heart, thank you - you took all the stress out of my how to. Feeling back in my power, and to be believing in myself again. So BIG THANK YOU'S. Can't tell you how much this means to me to get the speaking goals and net working speech nailed and implemented . You are an AWESOME LADY!

Sara Lyndley

Sara Lyndley