Who is Your Ideal Client?

Meet my Ideal Client!

Yes, that’s right it’s a fruit cake!

You may be wondering what my clients and fruit cakes have in common.

My clients are full of fabulous goodies and goodness – in other words they know loads about what they do, they are full of information and skills that can help and transform the lives and businesses of others.

But much like a fruit cake in cake shop window they find it hard to be noticed amongst all the loud, bright sugary tarts and buns – the tarts and buns catch the eye … and it can be easy to overlook the humble fruit cake.

Thats where I come in!

My clients range from, consultants, coaches, holistic therapists and experts – I call them the difference makers; mostly (but not all) are in the wellbeing industry.

If you find yourself nodding yes to one or more of the following statements then I can help you – read on for my new year offer:

  • you know that the sooner you clarify your message the sooner you will be attracting more of your ideal clients
  • you are frustrated that you are not getting your gifts and skills out to a bigger audience and helping more people
  • You want to be able to speak clearly and confidently about what you do and and the benefits of working with you

Help is at hand … If you are just not clear what to do next I have created 6 places where we can connect via Skype and discover whats holding you back from getting really stuck into 2013.

6 places – no obligation and no charge.

Book your call now via this link to my diary

Very much look forward to speaking with you.