Small Talks – BIG Impact

16th January 2014 £67

Are you a Business Owner, Coach, People helper, Consultant who would like to be able to reach more people in more time?

Do You Avoid Public Speaking Opportunities?
Don’t Hold Back Any Longer –
Now You Can Create and Deliver a Talk You Can Be Proud Of!

Join me for this full day packed full of content (and fun) where you will not only learn a process; you also get to draft your workshop or talk – results guaranteed!

•Make an impact…

•Stay in the minds of your listeners for days and weeks not just minutes…

•Really get you noticed – and remembered…

•Lead to much more referral business coming your way…

•Present your business as the only option for the service you deliver…

And, I’ll help you

•Connect with your audience

•Really engage with the audience so you really have their attention

•Feel calm and confident in front of any audience

• And, deliver your message in a way that gets noticed – and acted upon!

Women On The Business Stage – Monthly Mastermind & Mentoring

WHAT’S INCLUDED? More details – click here

  • 1 full day of focus and self-belief to kick start the programme
  • 6 half days of group masterminding and business related training

As well as accountability and massive support, these sessions can include the following:

    • Nailing Your Niche
    • Your Marketing Messages
    • Your Networking Talks
    • Your business model (also known as “product staircase”)
    • Speaking in Public
    • Designing Workshops and Talks
    • Making Offers and Selling
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Massive Mind Set Work

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WOBS2013  (Women On the Business Stage Celebration Conference)

10th October 2013

As an extension of the free WOBS On-Line mentoring group we have our first conference:

So what is WOBS2013?

It’s a one day conference for all the women in the WOBS group and for any other women in business who think the same way and would like to be part of the WOBS group.

It’s for women in business who believe in the female way of doing business that is co-operation rather than competition.

It’s for women who want to develop their business, network with like-minded women, and meet the names from Facebook in the flesh.

WOBS2013 Content

Winning Over Reluctant or Negative Audiences

Aims and objective of the course

This one day provides a wide range of tools and skills that can be used immediately to draft and present talks on any topic. Existing skill levels can be built upon and new learning incorporated.

Objectives & Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Have tools to greatly      increase audience engagement and minimise objections
  • Have a system to      structure any talk or presentation – even at short notice!
  • Have the peace of mind that all your talks will be understandable to the largest number of people (all learning styles      covered)
  • Be able to      manage questions and hecklers
  • Know how to Start and Stop talks and presentations
  • Have a structure which greatly increases the likelihood of an audience taking action as a result of your talk
  • Have a variety of tools and techniques to manage nerves and be at your ‘speaking best’

25th April at Portsmouth Hilton £97 per person (inc lunch)

More details and book your place below–-Course-Outline.pdf

Love your Business? 

Not So Sure about Your Business Message?

Join me on Friday 15th February for one of my mega high content and high value workshops …


  • feel the fear and speak anyway – techniques to calm and manage nerves
  • what NOT to say and do in your 60 seconds
  • fine tune your business pitch (bring a draft) using tried and tested templates
  • follow up actions

 for lots more info and grab your place click below:

Eventbrite - Nail It and Love it ... Your Business Message!

Design Great Workshops & Talks

Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 9:30 AM (GMT)
Emsworth, United Kingdom £47

Are you a Business Owner, Coach, People helper, Consultant who would like to be able to reach more people in more time?


Join me for this half day packed full of content (and fun) where you will not only learn a process; you also get to draft your workshop or talk – results guranteed!

How would it feel to?

Arrow - RedNever have to worry about what to say?

Arrow - RedNever have to run the risk that you will bore people!

Arrow - RedNever have to spend hours not knowing how to plan a talk?

Join me for this 3-hour Workshop where You’ll Learn … More Info and book your place


“What NOT to Do & Say: Tried and Tested Templates for your Networking Pitch?”

11th December 2012 Speaking at The To Toot networking group in Odiham


“How to Deliver a Talk which Inspires Action”

14th November 2012 Speaking at Talk Talk Network in Portsmouth

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It’s my experience that when we first start to speak in public we are just so glad to get through it alive (I know I was!) and don’t give a thought to having any other outcome like selling, list-building, getting donations for charity or even bums on the seats at the local PTA!.

After a while when we feel more confident and competent it’s time to think about what outcome do you want from delivering your talk …?

During this talk I will be sharing with you this 7 Step Structure so you can do sooo much more than just survive!

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