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You know how it is – every year you want to ‘make it your best year ever’ – didn’t you say that last year too?

Evidence shows that one of the most effective ways to ways to get your business on-track or back on-track, to help you to overcome barriers and really achieve your potential  is to work with a mentor … and yes in an ideal world we’d all have 1-1 regular time with a mentor to push you and to hold you accountable but in the early stages of a business or when cash flow isnt flowing!

That’s why I have designed a few options to suit a mix of circumstances:

Group Masterminding & Mentoring:

I combine public speaking, confidence etc with very practical business skills, tools & knowledge. I really do believe that knowledge and confidence combined with a mentor in your corner and you can achieve more than you ever thought possible and feel GREAT at the same time!

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One to one mentoring sessions and programmes

The fact that you’re here means that you are ready to pay attention to what you want and are prepared to take the necessary steps to get there.

Claire Godwin is a brilliant coach and mentor and I highly recommend her to you.” Emma Paxton Pinboard Meetings

You may be at the ‘start-up’ stage in your business and not sure what to do first or you may be a little further along the road and are stuck in overwhelm just not know what to do next and often not doing much at all?! – sound familiar?


available from £95 for 45 minutes skype