You’ve invested in the training, the tools of your trade, the business cards, the leaflets, the website, the workshops, the seminars, the coach, the books, the networking and more.

So … you know your stuff!
You love what you do!
You’re passionate about working with your clients!
You’re ready to step-up, be seen, share your message, charge more for your products and services, network at a higher level, hold workshops, become a speaker, associate with the bigger business players!

So … now you’re ready…….. how confident are you that how you dress and what you say and how you say it, are 100% in line with who you are and what your business is all about?


Are you stuck in a rut?

You know in your heart of hearts that how you LOOK and FEEL is holding you back?

You know you can no longer get away with trotting out the same words and wearing the same few outfits

but, quite simply, you just don’t know where to start?

Is this you …?

Are you looking to step into who you can become?

To step up, start walking your talk and attracting your ideal clients?



Claire Godwin
Speak in your Voice
10.00am ‘til 12.30pm

This workshop is for you if you have your own business and you know that to grow it further you need to be getting out there and speaking more … but for whatever reasons you’re just not doing it.

You do everything else but this?
Are you getting frustrated about it?
Then you are in the right place!

There’s nothing worse than being so trapped by your own fears or by not knowing what to say.

But it need not be like that.

 I’ve helped many people like you (and i’ve been there too) by sharing practical and achievable techniques which give you loads more self-confidence and get you heard in a way which engages and leads to business growth.

Following the fabulous successes with previous groups (participants went from avoidance to volunteering to speak!) I have designed this active workshop just for female entrepreneurs who are so ready for their next stage.

This isn’t about being overly polished or slick, it’s about you and what you bring to your business.  It doesn’t matter that you are nervous or that you ‘um and ah’ what matters is that you get up, get out there and share what you love doing – be selfish not to wouldn’t it!

You will:

  • Be clear what your speaking style is – no more comparisons!
  • Know what your business message is and be confident when you deliver it
  • You will know how to structure your words to ensure maximum impact
  • Have the tools to manage any nerves that decided to linger – cos they do that don’t they!
  • Leave the day with and clear plan of action of you next steps and the support in place to help you get there.


  • Powerful NLP & Time Line exercise which creates a clear outcome. This is this is a “whole brain” exercise which works with the brains’ natural processing making your desires and outcomes become oh so much easier to achieve!
  • Feel the fear and speak anyway – techniques to calm and manage nerves
  • Fine tune your business pitch (bring a draft) using a structure which acts as  client magnet
  • Leave with a clear plan of what you need to do next

Break for Lunch

Bring your own – it keeps costs down and we know you’ll want value for money!

Jane Cooke
Dress Rehearsal

This workshop is for the woman running her own business, on her terms, in her own unique way and she will be seeking a wardrobe that expresses exactly that – her unique self.

This workshop is NOT about dressing for business in the corporate sense!

The truth is, like attracts like – if we, as business women, dress to express our personality we are far, far more likely to attract our ideal client – those who are on our wavelength, those we are more likely to be able to help and those we would LOVE to do business with.

  • Explore your PERSONAL STYLE
  • COLOUR – whilst this is NOT colour analysis I hope to give everyone in the room at least a couple of fabulous colours to work with AND a few to avoid!
  • SHAPE – Tips on necklines, sleeve lengths, skirt/dress lengths, fabric, pattern, scale, accessories and shoes.
  • How to put together an easy, time-saving,  unique, capsule wardrobe for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS – whether that’s to work with clients one to one clients, to network in, to deliver workshops in or to stand on stage in?
  • DEMONSTRATION using real clothes how just eleven items can create 47 different outfits.

You leave with a clear VISION and clear PLAN, excited and raring to go!

WHEN: 21st September 2012
WHAT TIME: 10:00 – 4pm
WHERE: Merley House, Dorset
HOW MUCH: £97 for the whole day OR why not bring a friend to share the day with for half price – thats £147 for two!

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