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Nail your 60 seconds Networking Pitch

Post Date: May 20, 2012, Author:

Need to Network? If you are in business you will no doubt be familiar with the wonders of networking meetings and the notorious 60 seconds ‘elevator’ pitch. Now I don’t know about you, but I used to hate and dread these meetings which does seems daft seeing as I speak in front of groups ofRead →

Public Speaking – is it like a maze to you?

Post Date: May 04, 2012, Author:

  You need to be speaking in public – but where to start? Many of us avoid situations which may involve speaking in public, and some go as far as avoiding promotions – and who can blame them! When I was head of HR I avoided it for years and became skilled at camouflaging myselfRead →

Tips to help you look and sound like an expert – public speaking

Post Date: Apr 23, 2012, Author:

At a recent networking event with Mark Edmunds at Shooting Business the guest speaker Gavin Meikle (aka the Presentation Dr) gave such a great interactive talk that I wanted to share some of the content with you.

How to structure a presentation

Post Date: Apr 23, 2012, Author:

How to structure a presentation – 4 questions you need to answer This topic crops up again and again with the managers and business owners I work with. Once we have worked on the fears of speaking in public, what tends to crop up next is how do I structure a presentation?