Can’t Talk, Don’t Talk?
It’s time to change that!

and “Create Your Talk in Minutes

Are you a Business Owner, Coach, People helper, Consultant who would like to be able to reach more people in more time?


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Do you avoid speaking opportunities?
Or want to reach more people with workshops?
Stop holding back – it’s time to shine and share what you do!

Feel like this whenever you’re asked to do a talk or presentation…

  • You get nervous, scared, and just no idea where to start …
  • You think you’ll sound boring and no-one will be interested in what you have to talk about…
  • You come over all tongue-tied and stammering whenever you get in front of an audience…
  • Clammy hands, dry mouth and heart racing…

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how effective public speaking is to get you and your business noticed.

I’m sure you know you need to be making more presentations or running workshops.

You know it’s one of the best ways to be seen and heard in the market place.

And you may have heard excellent speakers in the past, you’ve remembered their message and you may even have done business with some of them…


You’ve also sat through presentations from people who don’t hold your attention and don’t deliver their message well. You don’t recall what they said and you wouldn’t do business with them.

And you’re afraid that will be you!

Worry no longer – I have created a special 2 hour session for members of WOBS  which will solve those problems for you and have you looking forward to every opportunity to speak in front of an audience (no really that does happen!)

Introducing “Create Your Talk in Minutes”

Let me help you craft your talk or presentation that will:

  •  Make an impact…
  •  Stay in the minds of your listeners for days and weeks not just minutes…
  •  Really get you noticed – and remembered…
  •  Lead to much more referral business coming your way…
  •  Present your business as the only option for the service you deliver…

And, I’ll help you

  •  Connect with your audience
  •  Engage with every person so you really have their attention
  •  Feel calm and confident in front of any audience
  •  And, deliver your message in a way that gets noticed – and acted upon!

So who am I and why should you listen to me?”

My name’s Claire Godwin and for over 20 years I’ve been speaking to groups as well as training senior staff and business owners in the skills of engaging with any audience and creating talks which maximise their influence and outcomes.

I cut my ‘speaking teeth’ as it were on delivering compulsory training to people who quite frankly didn’t want to be in the room with me and who could often be quite hostile; it wasn’t personal although sometimes it felt like that!

When the audience don’t want to be there you have to get very good at engaging them, turning them around and keeping their interest.

Over the years I have been very successful using a variety of speaking skills including different language patterns, facilitation skills, and engagement approaches to get those disinterested audiences to not only pay attention and be interested in what I was saying, but to take action too!

I have honed these skills to make it easier to teach other to do the same.

Now you can benefit.

I bring all that skill and knowledge to share with you in “Create Your talk in Minutes” so that you too can engage your audience, keep them interested, and be remembered long after the event.

  • Develop a presentation for any occasion using a simple 4 step process
  • Create Rapport in seconds
  • Use language patterns to influence
  • Overcome speaking fears
  • Inspire the action you want

My background makes me ideally placed to help you make a greater impact from the stage whatever the situation.

“Claire is an absolute joy to work with and I have learnt so much in a relatively short space of time. Her sense of humour is brilliant and you can’t help but feel relaxed in her company.” IG Business Owner, Hampshire

“GO FOR IT! Learning a successful format to your presentations plus loads of other tips are key to taking your skills from fine to brilliant and give you the confidence you need to step out of your comfort zone” JW, Business Owner, Hampshire
“I asked Claire to help me structure my presentation, help me with the sales messages and create an offer to tempt them into keeping in touch.  Claire took me through her awesome 4 step process which got the info out of my head and onto the page – we started by drafting ideas, went on to practice and hone the presentation and Claire even offered to come along on the day to provide moral support and give me some constructive feedback after the event.” EP, Business Owner, Hampshire
“Claire shared practical and achievable techniques for delivering a confident presentation and more than that she also helped with structuring the content in such a way that the audience want to hear what you have to say and are engaged from the minute you start to speak.” CM Confidence Coach

“I am constantly referring to your structure as speaking opportunities are coming my way at the moment! I have found this really helpful when structuring talks, for some reason it doesn’t take me half as long to prepare now!

This afternoon I am speaking at an event for women in business and will be making an offer from the stage … first time I gave done this, but I have a great structure to follow, thank you” Lara Williams: Coach &  entrepreneur www.therealyou.co.uk

What is Create Your Talk in Minutes – WOBS Offer?”

“Create Your Talk in Minutes – WOBS Offer” has been created specially for wonderful WOBS group members and is a 2 hours, one-to-one (face to face or Skype), opportunity to work with me to craft your talk or presentation that really hits the spot. (Or you can use this valuable time to work on the blocks that hold you back – I understand how nerve wracking it can be).

It’s a package I’ve developed for reluctant would-be speakers, just like you, gain the confidence you need to be get out there and reach more people, make a bigger difference,and grow your business.

When we meet I will share with you what you need and lots more to get you going …

  •  How to easily craft any talk, presentation or workshop
  •  How to promote yourself and your business without being “salesy”
  •  Delivering the talk with confidence and ease
  •  Using your body language to underline your message
  •  Engaging the audience
  •  Addressing different learning styles
  •  How to develop a meaningful connection with everyone in your audience
  •  And more… after we meet I will ‘be there’ to support you

And people who are remembered get more enquiries and more business more often!

Really helped my “confidence level” to map out a talk I was so confused about. From the bottom of my heart, thank you – you took all the stress out of my how to. Feeling back in my power, and believing in myself again.
Can’t tell you how much it means to me to get the speaking goals and networking speech nailed and implemented.”
Sara Lyndley
Raw Food Mentor www.saralyndley.com 

Sounds great Claire, what’s my investment?

Let me ask you first, what could it be worth for you to be remembered and referred so much more from your speaking and networking efforts?

It could mean a much greater reach to more prospects and more clients…

It could mean thousands of pounds in extra business and extra revenue…

It could mean contacts made and new opportunities that you only ever dreamed of before…

All from presenting a short talk that:

  •  Engages the audience and cuts through their preoccupation
  •  Clearly states the benefits of working with you and how you make a difference
  •  Makes you so memorable people will be talking about your for weeks after the event and not forgotten before  they’re out of the car park!

People do business with experts. This talk will present you as the expert in your field.

To work with me in person usually starts £297; I have created a limited number of 20 places to help me with product creation. As a thank you for giving me feedback on the process you will also receive a copy of the product to support you in all your future talk creating – valued at £47.

Here’s the deal …

If you can get to my local coffee shop in Denmead (or via Skype) and are a member of WOBS, your investment is £97.

So, if you’re ready to conquer your public speaking fears and create a talk that will get you fantastic results then grasp this opportunity today!

Create Any Talk - WOBS Offer
Create Any Talk - WOBS Offer
Available Qty: 8
Price: £297.00
Price: £97.00
How much extra business would you need to receive to make that investment back?
Just one new client I’d guess!

And that is so easy to do once you’ve created your talk and start delivering it.

“The most significant change since working with the Speak your voice programmes is the realisation that I can be me in my presentations, I don’t have to pretend to be someone I am not.” LC Hypnotherapist, NLP & Reiki Practitioner & Wellness Coach

And, because I don’t want you to have any concerns about working with me I’m going
to offer you my cast-iron guarantee.

My Guarantee

I am so confident that our session will be everything you want and more, that I’m willing to offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied by the end of our meeting.

100moneyback-greenI can’t say fairer than that!
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by grabbing my “Create Your Talk” session today.

Click below to sign up now.

Create Any Talk - WOBS Offer
Create Any Talk - WOBS Offer
Available Qty: 8
Price: £297.00
Price: £97.00
Looking forward to helping you stand out from the crowd!


P.S. There are only 20 places with this Spring Offer, so ACT NOW! Book your
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