Become a client MAGNET at Networking Meetings


Once you have answered the three questions:
1.What are you passionate about?
2. What is your target market?
3. What is your target market’s biggest problem? (which of course you are going to solve!)

Take your answers (from above) and have a play with them along the following lines – swop your answers with mine!
“You how some small business owners (target market) know that speaking in public will help grow their business;  but for whatever reason they are just not doing it?
Everyone else seems confident and knows just what to say but they dread speaking, thinking they will dry up or start babbling and after all who wants to listen to them?(target market biggest problem)
Well … what I do is  . .. I work with small business owners (target market) teaching them a 5 step process to ensure they have the confidence and skills to share their message …  be that at networking events, workshops or conferences .. growing themselves and their businesses. (what you are passionate about)

Have  go and let me know how you get on!

Thanks to Dr Joanna Martin for another tip on speaking to grow your businesss 

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