How to structure a presentation

How to structure a presentation – 4 questions you need to answer

4MAT ModelThis topic crops up again and again with the managers and business owners I work with.

Once we have worked on the fears of speaking in public, what tends to crop up next is how do I structure a presentation?

I’ll keep this post short ‘n’ sweet with Bernice McCarthy’s 4Mat Model. Bernice noticed that people with different learning styles learnt by have the answers to 4 particular questions.

Why use the 4Mat Model?

If you are going to go to the effort of planning and speaking in public, I assume you will want to gain the interest and understanding of as many people as you can?

What is the 4Mat Model?

Good question! 4MAT is a method for helping anyone learn anything. It has been used in thousands of teaching settings for over 25 years, and it gives a simple framework for integrating learning styles, right- and left-brain strategies and performance improvement strategies.

How can you use the 4Mat Model?

Each learning style focuses on a unique question. As trainers and speakers, we can engage each learning style by addressing all four questions:

Type 1: Imaginative Learners – Favorite question: Why? Why are we doing this? Why should they listen to you? Whats in it for them? Make sure this is covered first. Leave this out at your peril!

Type 2: Analytic Learners – Favorite question: What? What is it? Some people want the facts so share these.

Type 3: Common Sense Learners – Favorite question: How? If you have time during your talk give the participants chance to try it out .. “have a play yourself” – people with this style of learning will love you for this!

Type 4: Dynamic Learners – Favorite question: What if?And I bet you are already thinking of the many uses for this model .. what if you used it to write reports at work .. what if you used it to write to ask for a pay rise ..  what if I used it for all your future talks and presentations? can you see what I did there!

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